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Hello, welcome to my sketch and progress blog.
(p.s. I am a panda, but that's a secret)
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  • I was commissioned to do drawings of baby animals to decorate a baby room. How adorable is that? (It is puzzling to me too, you know, because I’ve never drawn animals before and it’s not really my area… I don’t even really like children. BUT this was a good excuse to bust out the watercolors again YEAHHH.)

    So no, this is not an April Fools prank, I really did paint some sleeping baby animals. And I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy it this much so joke’s on me! HAH


    I got the thing!!
    It was done by a wild panda <3

    Thank you so much for getting one! :D (I am irrationally elated by the thought of tangible art-sharing. IT’S CRAZY)

    Also for anyone else interested in art prints of my (select) works, visit my Society6 - FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE UNTIL MONDAY (DEC 2)!


    Testing new ink pens. 102 for the bottom one, and a more flexible 108 + 107 superfine for the top one (a combo that’s really growing on me). It’s been years since I’ve used ink, man. A little messy but trying speedball nibs for the first time is totally worth it. Much better than tech pens too.

    Draw Again Challenge (part 1)

    Okaaay so my friends and I decided, for fun (or not) to draw one of our early work to make ourselves feel better somehow.

    This was picked for me to draw again:


    This was from 2007 - almost 6 years now, and around 3 years from when I started drawing. I have made art on and off for those almost ten years.

    I thought this would be a simple project, but apparently it’s not and I don’t actually know what to feel about this right now. Stylistic choices aside, since those move around a lot anyway, through the years my respect has only grown both for those in life drawing and in manga. I myself have not found where I am in between, but I do know I want to continue despite moving very, very slowly in the improvement area.

    Four of my almost ten years in art I spent in art school. During my application, the interviewer snorted at my then-portfolio. My professors said we had to grow up and leave anime and manga behind. So you see, these past four years, I lived in denial instead of rushing 100% forward and improving and enjoying. Don’t be dumb like that. Learning new things doesn’t mean you have to leave behind what you love, no matter what everyone else says. It takes a lot of courage to go out of your comfort zone, and it also takes courage to be honest with yourself. After all, we all need somewhere to go home to after our adventures in far-away lands.

    Well, regretting the time I wasted will do me no good, so here I am trying to just draw again and have fun with it. This challenge has been a good reminder.

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